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Hats profile


Low profile

Low profile is the least steep slant to the front of the hat and this profile is normally associated with a sport or a golf style hat.

Medium profile

Mid-profile is a bit steeper slant to the front of the hat and is normally associated with what a baseball player would wear.
Additionally, this style hat tends to be a bit of deeper fit.

High profile

High profile is almost a straight up slant to the front of the hat and is normally associated with a trucker or a snapback style hat.

High profile 5 panels

5 panels caps are mainly used for trucker caps or caps that have screen printing or large embroidered/printed patch on the front instead of embroidery.

Military cap

Military cap or forage cap is characterized by a small brim and a tubular construction with a flat top.


A partial brim, usually extending out at the front of a headband.

Closure option


Velcro strap closure

Closure composed of 2 strips of fabric with velcro system to adjust the size of the cap.

Plastic closure

Closure composed of 2 strips of plastic with perforations and slots to adjust the size of the cap.

Fabric or leather and metal closure

Closure composed of a metal clip and a way which fits in the fabric to adjust the size of the cap.
The metal clip can be customized and made in a variety of material.

Plain closure

The back panels of the cap are totally closed and the size is not adjustable.

Sizing chart


Size standard

The following industry standard sizes for cap hats are available:
•Adult: 56-57 cm (full closure)
•Youth: 54-55 cm (full closure)
•Kids: 51-52 cm (full closure)
•Toddler: 48-49 cm (full closure)

Flex caps size standard

Flex caps measuring hat sizes the way they do for fitted hats. Except rather than having a single size, they have multiple beacause they can stretch.
The size of your cap can be adapted to your own specifications.


Choose the fabric of your cap from a wide range of materials and colors: cotton twill, brushed cotton twill, polo cotton twill, cotton/elastane, acrylic, polyester, denim, suede...
Fabric stock may vary due to the limited supplies, please contact us for more details.


Custom your design.Accept the samll order.Free sample cost.




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